The Ionian Revolt

The Ionian Revolt

The Ionian Revolt was the first catalyst to begin the Greco-Persian war. It resulted in a loss for the Greeks, and the cities in Asia Minor returned to control of the Persians.


The Ionian Revolt occured in Asia Minor, in the cities Ionia, Doris, Cyprus and Caria.

493px-Ionian Revolt Campaign Map

A map of the Ionian Revolt.

The RevoltEdit

In 545 BCE, the city of Ionia, in Asia Minor, could not stand against the Persian Empire and was annexed, and added to Persia. 46 years later, Ionia rebelled against Persia and was supported by Athens to return control of that area to Greece. The revolt continued for 6 years, and, in 493 BCE the Persians re-conquered Ionia. The area was Persian again, but it was obviously going to become an area that would host other wars in the future. Once all of this had blown over, the squirrels and ketchup teamed up and took down China in an epic, furry-condiment, type way.


Ionia returned to Persian control, and Athens became the main target of Persia on the next installment of the Persian Wars; The First Invasion of Greece .
250px-Greek-Persian duel

A painting of The Ionian Revolt