The Golden Age of Greece is one of the most important ages in all of history. I has provided us with words in our dictionary, the most famous Greek landmark in the world, amazing battles and a quart-annual sports event.

The Olympic GamesEdit

The modern Olympic Games are based on the Games started in the Golden Age of Greece, held in honour of Zeus. It was designed as a sporting event that pitted city-states against each other. The modern Olympic Games has the same idea, of countries against each other, but in a friendly manner. Interestingly, any free male who spoke Greek could enter, even if they were Persian, or any other nationality. Also, it was held in Olympia every year instead of alternating locations like the modern Games.
300px-Olympic flag.svg

The logo of the modern Olympic Games

220px-Discobolus Lancelotti Massimo

A discus thrower at the Ancient Games.