Art in Ancient Greece has repute for being the most beautiful art of European ancient cultures. The Greeks produced many fine artists, sculptures and painters. Many masterpieces have legends and stories behind them. The Romans admired the Greek art and copied many of the masterpieces. The Romans had copied lots of the paintings nad scultures ,which was a big importance to ancient Greek history. If the Romans hadn't copied the paintings and scultures, modern hitsorians would not have found out about Greek history because may of the arts contained stories behind them. The Greek art also had eras. There were 7 eras and they were Mycenaean Art, Sub-Mycenaean or Dark Age, Proto-Geometric, Geometric Art, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic.

Vase Painting Greek Attic Amasis 550-530BC

An Ancient Greek Vase


A Medusa Plaque (Replica)

As art was the main thing to make the city-states look gracious and expensive many leaders wanted their city-state to look the best and most beautiful. Art not only was for the beauty of one city-state but it was also based on the Greeks' religion and society. The Spartans' paintings were mostly on strong warriors going to battle while the other city states like Athens would have paintings on science( the universe, Stars sun ,etc).

Many of the eras had produced many masterpieces and some were special and based on the Greek Gods. Many sculptures and paintings show the Greeks' devotion to the Gods they worshipped. Though many masterpieces have been destroyed, others have remained and are displayed in many museums around the world. These masterpieces show how much the Greeks devoted to their love of art. Many modern historians, painters and archaeologists have always been admiring the works of the Greeks. Greek art has truly come a long way.